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Who am I?

I have a vivid sense of self and an unrelenting urge to CREATE. I find myself breaking boundaries often and loudly for the sake of stumbling upon that far off place where the magic truly happens. Throw in a dash of extroverted, adventurous energy and you've got a pretty good foundation for what makes me tick. Eager and VERSATILE with the perspective of a hopeful realist. I tend to find myself on an endless search for authentic moments, hearty laughs and delicious Barolo.
A true Gemini, I'm inclined to be slightly restless and always on the move, never forgetting to pair a running satirical commentary alongside the ups and downs of my life. There is nothing better than laughing at yourself.

I am genuine, honest and REAL. My work evokes the same sentiment.
. . .

I take a MODERN approach to one of the most classic and traditional human notions of all, LOVE. I will compose a natural and stylish record of your day, finding those AUTHENTIC moments that are waiting to be captured and can only be seen when you take a step back and let life unfold. These are the moments that validate the TRUTH - the truth in a smile, the truth in a glance, the truth in love.

What I offer is a point of view, the way I see the world around me and the way I see you. Life uninterrupted, pure and UNIQUE. I will provide you with images that you've always hoped for and moments that you didn't even know you desired.
If what you've read and the images you've seen are resonating with you, then I'm your PHOTOGRAPHER.

When we get down to it, all of this is about the story. YOUR STORY. What I do is frame it. Simple and beautiful images that you will want to hang on your walls and in your heart.

Richmond, VA is where I call home, but great adventures begin with the zip of a suitcase. Traveling to capture people I've never met in places I've never been is always a welcomed opportunity.

I'd love to frame your story.